Evaluating Top-Tier Review Platforms

In today’s world of eDiscovery, technology reigns supreme; and a majority of the processes our industry utilizes are done digitally by way of various review platforms. It’s vital, if not crucial, to have a sufficient eDiscovery platform to help with tasks like Early Case Assessment and Investigations themselves. With an already large number of programs saturating our industry and new alternatives being added constantly, it’s essential to do the research and screening needed to choose the right one. Let’s discuss when it makes sense to leverage top-tier review platforms and when you should consider alternatives.

Economical Top-Tier

  • Zero to minimal user fees
  • Simplistic user interfaces
  • Portability and ease of installation

  • Custom integrations
  • Sophisticated security features
  • Quickly scalable

Top-Tier Review Platforms Vs. Alternatives

When it comes to eDiscovery programs, knowing what’s out there is the first step. And from top-tier solutions to mid-tier programs, it’s necessary to decipher what services meet your needs. One may utilize a top-tier or end-to-end program if looking for global reviewers, complex document level and sharing security, full-scale document production requirements, redactions, analytics requirements to enhance review, and requirements for dashboards and augmented searching. With this route, a prepared team will typically handle the work.

Alternatively, there are choices for those looking to save costs and who may not need the level of service provided by top-tier software. That’s where mid-tier platforms can come in handy. Users may employ mid-tier or best-in-breed review when they know what they’re looking for, such as quick review, 1-5 reviewers, complex document productions not being required, and if they’re on a budget. According to Law.com, clients usually compile their own panel of eDiscovery technology and providers in this direction.

Choosing a Vendor

Until there is a governing body concerning eDiscovery, there will always be options. Some tools are more effective at certain aspects and can handle a wider range and variety of complex file types. So, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Technology will never be perfect and having options and an experienced team goes a long way, alongside picking a provider. But how can a decision be made? By starting your search by asking important questions.

According to Above The Law, these are 6 things to consider when reviewing the top-tier review platforms:

  • Evaluating your past, current, and future litigation
  • Assessing your internal resources
  • Getting behind the firewall solution or one in the cloud
  • Budgets and costs
  • The functionality of the tool
  • An exit strategy

Additional questions to ask are about what software competitors are using, whether there is a good support team, and about the providers’ industry reputation. And it’s just as essential for platforms to be able to answer these questions as it is to ask them.

Leveraging LightSpeed

At LightSpeed, our team is our #1 specialty, as we have experience dealing with complex investigations, large scale eDiscovery, and Digital Forensics. Our forte is being flexible and transparent with our clients and we always ensure that our client’s data is protected and managed accordingly. When it comes to solutions, we have made the investment to offer best-in-class solutions for our clients and can deploy them quickly. We want to ensure our clients get their answers, and solutions, in a timely manner. But speed is only as good as the process because, without quality control measures and transparency, it can be dangerous. That’s why we set proper time expectations with our clients by diagnosing issues in a unified fashion and providing a detailed list of exceptions that requires follow up.

We keep important things top-of-mind when creating our solutions. We innovate by delivering industry-leading solutions paired with effective workflows for each situation, and our ability to develop dashboards and alerts has been extremely impactful for our clients. We strive to partner with high-quality data hosting providers and ensure that software is tested and remains current with the necessary certifications. Our tool of choice for document review is Relativity, a document review platform that has evolved into an analytics and compliance review system. It’s used by top organizations and AM LAW 100 firms. Not only that, but users are respected as maintenance windows are announced a week prior, permissions are managed by our project managers, and retired users are removed from the system immediately.

Our personal approach to selecting a platform came down to the features it offered, the company/software reputation, costs, and the ease of deployment. We are always staying on top of the latest and greatest in legal technology and keeping on top of popular platforms is no exception. Here at LightSpeed, we want to help you utilize our services for your needs, no matter what they entail. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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