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Our Post Breach notification services are deployed to determine affected individuals
and entities.

Our managed review services complement our digital forensics and eDiscovery teams to respond to these events when organizations need it most. When collecting information in the discovery process—whether electronically or via paper records—you must make sure to comply with all applicable rules and regulations, especially those that deal with privacy. LightSpeed remains constantly vigilant, staying current on the ever-shifting legal landscape, to ensure our clients are always on solid, defensible legal footing.

Privacy Protection Solutions

GDPR/CCPA/Privacy Protection

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last year and California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) on our heels, most likely others will follow suit. Be prepared by knowing exactly what type of PII is in your data by using LightSpeed’s Privacy Protection service. Within minutes, you’ll know how rich your data is of PII.

Post-Breach Response & Notification

Suffering a breach is bad enough without then determining how many individual’s personally identifiable information was compromised. Let LightSpeed’s technology and experience guide you through tackling the mountain of data in a time-sensitive manner by PII identification, determination of affected individuals and notification preparation.

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COVID-19 Readiness: Operations update: we're available, online or by phone

At LightSpeed, the health and safety of our coworkers and clients is of paramount importance. For this reason, as the situation surrounding COVID‑19 continues to develop, we want to assure you that we are here to support you while keeping our team safe and secure. In response to the evolving guidance from federal, state, and local authorities, LightSpeed has been actively taking appropriate measures to ensure team and client safety and business continuity during these uncertain times.

We are adhering to CDC and WHO guidance related to hygiene, safety, and social distancing. A limited number of our team members will be in the office to assist with meeting client requests and production deadlines, while the majority of the team is working remotely. Our facilities allow for those working in-site to maintain more than the recommended distance from each other, and we are sanitizing all workspaces and equipment every two hours with hospital grade disinfectant.

While taking all the precautions to prioritize the safety of our employees, our goal is to ensure business continuity and meeting project timelines. Our customer service and technical support teams continue to be available for order processing and questions via email, phone, or homepage. Any advanced notice or flexibility in your deadlines during this crisis will be greatly appreciated.

As always, If you have any questions or requests, please reach out to us. Thank you for your continued support and for trusting us to be your partner through difficult times. We wish you the very best with keeping yourself, your loved ones, and your clients safe and healthy – physically and mentally.

Tony Lehr
Chief Executive Officer
LightSpeed LLC