Our Post Breach notification services are deployed to determine affected individuals
and entities.

Our managed review services complement our digital forensics and eDiscovery teams to respond to these events when organizations need it most. When collecting information in the discovery process—whether electronically or via paper records—you must make sure to comply with all applicable rules and regulations, especially those that deal with privacy. LightSpeed remains constantly vigilant, staying current on the ever-shifting legal landscape, to ensure our clients are always on solid, defensible legal footing.

Privacy Protection Solutions

GDPR/CCPA/Privacy Protection

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last year and California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) on our heels, most likely others will follow suit. Be prepared by knowing exactly what type of PII is in your data by using LightSpeed’s Privacy Protection service. Within minutes, you’ll know how rich your data is of PII.

Post-Breach Response & Notification

Suffering a breach is bad enough without then determining how many individual’s personally identifiable information was compromised. Let LightSpeed’s technology and experience guide you through tackling the mountain of data in a time-sensitive manner by PII identification, determination of affected individuals and notification preparation.

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You Could Save 97% by Switching to Technology Assisted Review

With the tremendous growth of eDiscovery over the past few years, law firms now have access to vast amounts of data. However, most are still learning how to best analyze all of that data in a manner that improves review rates and reduces costs.

LightSpeed Partners with ayfie

LightSpeed LLC, a leading eDiscovery and data forensics firm, is pleased to announce a new partnership with ayfie, Inc., a text analytics platform provider.

Accelerating eDiscovery: What’s Behind the Processing Speed?

One of the frequently asked questions we receive from prospects is: “How fast can you go?”. The short answer is that LightSpeed’s system is engineered to provide 800 gigabytes per day for each project.