Finding Your Optimal eDiscovery Provider

It’s no secret that the world of eDiscovery is an already complicated one that can be hard to navigate. In our experience, asking the right questions and performing the necessary due diligence makes all the difference.

A crucial aspect of eDiscovery is choosing the right platform or provider for project needs and making sure providers have the capabilities that are essential to achieving your objectives. We’ve compiled some of the concerns we’ve seen from today’s corporate counsel to consider when choosing a provider and to give insight into how LightSpeed is positioned to help you and your firm to be successful.

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Having a Most-Trusted Advisor

According to an article by Andie Linker for Relativity,  leading corporate counsel attorneys, “open communication, flexibility, and background knowledge are table stakes for a good law firm-corporate relationship, but being a trusted advisor goes beyond that.” In our industry, trusting your team can make or break an investigation. At LightSpeed, our experts have been trusted advisors for C-suite executives as well as leaders within law firms and corporations, helping them evaluate cyber issues, internal investigations, and eDiscovery-related matters. We take the time to understand client challenges holistically, before suggesting solutions. Through years of client service, our teams have obtained deep knowledge of industry-leading software and protocols, helping us quickly think outside the box to provide clients with the most cost-effective and defensible approaches to meet their objectives.

Having a Diverse Skill Set

Wanting to have a team full of experts with diverse skill sets is a top concern of those looking for a provider. With emerging communication types and rapidly-evolving rules and regulations, having a combination of project managers and IT professionals on your team can be the differentiator when projects become complex.

For a wider perspective, we recommend a team that includes a mixture of project managers that are attorneys and individuals that are technical with database and software development experience. In terms of forensic investigations and analytics, we have experts that have worked on several large FCPA engagements with over 15 years of hands-on project experience. This experience has exposed our team to a variety of corporate security and data challenges, which, oftentimes, are not taught through certifications or in classroom settings.

Transparent Costs and Cost-Effective Solutions

Having a provider introduce their billing model and explaining it in a way that makes sense to corporations was another considerable topic of discussion amongst corporate counsel. LightSpeed makes it extremely cost-effective to analyze data with our ECA services, using low barriers-of-entry billing models for larger datasets. We’re transparent with our pricing and will provide a cost projection at the inception of new matters, along with weekly invoice reports to ensure there are no surprises at the end of each billing cycle.

Staying in the Know and Ahead of the Game

Linker mentioned the worry of corporate counsel in terms of having a provider that is “one step ahead”, in essence. Knowing their client’s industry and understanding where the practice of law is going to go next is important. LightSpeed’s approach to client research and staying on top of law practices in eDiscovery is unique. Oftentimes the learning we do is very hands-on, helping us evolve; because the more cases you work with, the more use challenges you’re exposed to. We’ve worked with over 100 of the top law firms and have been exposed to a variety of laws, complex scenarios, and new data types that continue to help to sharpen our toolkit.

The Time

Corporate counsel also expressed a want for transparency about how long investigations or solutions will take. While it can be hard to define a particular timeline in eDiscovery, when it comes to complex investigations we have a proven methodology that shortens timelines.  We attack the lowest hanging fruit first. Then, we prioritize what you want to find based on the event. Finally, a risk mitigation process is developed after the investigation is complete to ensure that your issues are managed and prevented from reoccurring.

Having Enough Experience

Fairly, corporate counsel and companies want their providers to have enough experience to complete their investigations thoroughly. In an article by Sam Bock on “4 Qualities Modern Corporations Need in Their Legal Teams”, David Hejna, general counsel at Relativity, stated: “Except for very small companies, my view is that a general counsel should have at least 25 years of high-quality experience across a number of practice areas, including corporate, transactions, and employment, and at least reasonable experience with general compliance issues, intellectual property, insurance, litigation, and dispute resolution.” At LightSpeed, consulting, digital forensics, and multiple cross-border internal investigations are just a few of the realms in which we’ve gained expertise. If you summarize the experience from our team, we hold over 100 years of experience in our field and beyond.

Embracing New Technology

Perhaps the main discussion point at recent conferences: technology and the need for law firms and eDiscovery companies to embrace it, especially as new legal technology emerges so rapidly. From 5G capabilities to artificial intelligence, there’s always a plethora of automation and technology to stay informed about. We regularly do our research, and already in 2020, LightSpeed has used emerging technologies to help clients intake larger and more complex datasets and deploy analytics behind the scenes with little to no client or reviewer effort.

Mobile Data Capabilities and Chat Communications

At LightSpeed, we’ve been asked whether or not we can handle mobile data, and how, as well as if we handle chat communications. We take the time to perform a data map and discover exactly what devices are in play. Then, we ask the right questions to identify apps used and any encryption that needs to be managed with the custodian or IT. We consider what data is needed from the device and the levels of privacy to navigate what comes next in order to determine the best technology to use.

The LightSpeed Difference

At LightSpeed, meeting concerns head-on is how we do things. We pride ourselves on being the best in our industry, and we want our services to continually show that we are. Knowing what corporate counsels are apprehensive about helps us better bolster our solutions, making the lives of our clients infinitely easier – and that’s what it’s all about. Contact us to schedule a demo today.

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