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Our seasoned discovery team has handled cross-border, complex litigation, and DOJ/SEC second request projects for over a decade.

LightSpeed’s comprehensive solutions utilize best-in-breed industry applications that provide the speed and accuracy needed to expedite discovery.

Our experts’ years of eDiscovery consulting and digital forensics experience, paired with the know-how on handling multiple cross-border cases sets us apart from the rest.

eDiscovery Solutions


We use comprehensive eDiscovery processes to catalog, extract, and identify the most relevant documents while removing system files and categories of erroneous data from review.

Fast & Thorough

Our fully distributed processing system scales to meet the most challenging size and time requirements. We use a server farm that utilizes more than 200 processing cores, 500 gigabytes of RAM, and 100 terabytes of SSD and SAS storage space. It delivers the speed you need while still performing a complete discovery, with no partial processing or other shortcuts.


LightSpeed offers a range of augmented analytic solutions in Relativity and other review platforms for fast, powerful search, review and production.

Steadfast Security

LightSpeed’s multi-factor user authentication complements our physical and network security features to protect from unauthorized access of your data and from being compromised.

Managed Document Review

LightSpeed’s managed review services are centered in the heart of DC and can be deployed anywhere throughout the world. Our review teams include credentialed attorneys with years of government experience, fluent in multiple languages, including Portuguese and Spanish, and experience with Federal Investigations and Cross-border FCPA reviews.

Highlights from recent review projects:

Successful Cyber PII Breach review: Utilizing 15 reviewers in tandem with machine learning to quickly identify personal Identifiable information for our clients and their customers.

Successful FCPA investigation with several dozen reviewers to identify substantial materials that led to hundreds of governmental productions.

Latest News and Journal

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LightSpeed LLC, a leading eDiscovery and data forensics firm, is pleased to announce a new partnership with ayfie, Inc., a text analytics platform provider.