High Volume Investigations & ECA Services

We provide you with the tools and experience necessary to search the entire population without the added overhead costs of traditional eDiscovery.

LightSpeed helps overcome challenges that impact our clients’ ability to understand their matters fully by offering an Early Case Assessment (ECA) solution to search massive data volumes at a fraction of the cost of traditional processing and review.

With LightSpeed, our clients can put their GDPR and personal privacy concerns to rest with our personally identifiable information screening process, which is included in all of our discovery matters.

With the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) on the horizon, most likely other states will follow suit. Be prepared by knowing exactly what type of PII is in your data by using LightSpeed’s Privacy Protection service. Within minutes, you’ll know how rich your data is of PII.

ECA Solutions

Entity Extraction

Entity Extraction—the process that allows you to identify and extract entities, including people, locations, and organizations, that are mentioned in a piece of text—is an integral part of the ECA process. Every part of LightSpeed’s service and process is defensible in court, creating tangible cost savings for our clients.

Cost Savings

LightSpeed provides an enhanced Relativity user experience as part of every Early Case Assessment project. In addition to running search terms, case teams can leverage LightSpeed’s proprietary Storyboard analytics to improve their searching capabilities. With Storyboard, key concepts and names of individuals and companies are listed to compliment searching and improving privilege logs. ECA with Storyboard analytics empowers our clients to make decisions faster while identifying unnecessary documents to exclude and reduce costs.

Understanding Your Data

LightSpeed’s content searching and analytic tools help you identify and prioritize your most relevant documents quickly, contributing to a deeper understanding of what you have while eliminating duplicative content.

Latest News and Journal

Discovery Articles

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With the tremendous growth of eDiscovery over the past few years, law firms now have access to vast amounts of data. However, most are still learning how to best analyze all of that data in a manner that improves review rates and reduces costs.

LightSpeed Partners with ayfie

LightSpeed LLC, a leading eDiscovery and data forensics firm, is pleased to announce a new partnership with ayfie, Inc., a text analytics platform provider.

Accelerating eDiscovery: What’s Behind the Processing Speed?

One of the frequently asked questions we receive from prospects is: “How fast can you go?”. The short answer is that LightSpeed’s system is engineered to provide 800 gigabytes per day for each project.