Accelerating eDiscovery: What’s Behind the Processing Speed?

One of the frequently asked questions we receive from prospects is: “How fast can you go?”. The short answer is that LightSpeed’s system is engineered to provide 800 gigabytes per day for each project. This allows us to leverage optimal capacity to process two large projects simultaneously, while using adjustable queueing to filter in smaller projects.

What is LightSpeed’s optimal capacity?

Using Enron’s dataset for testing, our processing engine discovered at a rate of 1.44 terabytes per day, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Variables that can significantly alter the results include de-duplication rate, pages that require OCR, forensic image extraction and the rate for processing exceptions. Our engine automatically relies on more time-consuming discovery methods when it encounters exceptions. This ultimately reduces errors, but can increase processing time.

We call it optimal capacity because we can temporarily ‘burst’ our processing software licenses to match capacity to our current workload. This investment increases the throughput of our platform, and allows us to provide 800 gigabytes per day per project.

What does that all mean for me?

While processing rates may be a starting point to compare service providers, they don’t tell the full story. It’s also good to ask providers: Does the quoted rate include time to stage the data? Or export and import it into a review platform? What, if any, analytics are included in that timeframe?

At LightSpeed, our goal is that 50 gigabytes or less of data should be received and ready for client assessment, with full analytics in our review platform, in two hours.

Don’t forget about data collection.

We’ve spent the past 10 years speeding up eDiscovery for clients, and have often found that the biggest delays occur during data collection. Our ShareDiscovery platform removes that bottleneck through a direct connection to cloud providers, such as Gmail, Office 365, or the ability to upload data directly from your desktop. Contact us or schedule a demo  to see how quickly you can create a case, upload or collect your data, and immediately start reviewing with real-time progress.

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