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LightSpeed is a leading team of technology experts specializing in high-quality end-to-end litigation services.

We support law firms, corporations and government agencies with solutions and expertise in the areas of electronic discovery, computer forensics, document review and accelerated analytics to respond to data-driven events and organizational challenges.



LightSpeed's comprehensive eDiscovery process catalogs, extracts, and identifies the most relevant documents while removing system files and categories of erroneous data from review.

Early Case Assessment (ECA)

We offer comprehensive initial data evaluation services. From keyword analysis, predictive coding, near de-duping, threading, clustering, categorization, to conceptual search, we do it all.

Digital Forensics​

LightSpeed's forensic professionals help organizations through the discovery process. We leverage the best industry solutions to defensibly collect evidence and uncover events to provide insights and the best course of action.

Paper Discovery & Trial Support

We work regularly with our clients to digitize physical files for the purpose of discovery. The trial support team is responsible for creating and presenting high-quality, professional visuals that are fundamental to today's court proceedings.

Privacy Protection​

LightSpeed's Post-breach notification services are deployed to determine affected individuals and entities. Our managed review services complement our digital forensics and eDiscovery teams to respond to these events when organizations need it most.

Managed Review​

The team of reviewers possess multiple years of Government and law firm experience; many of them work and lead cross-border FCPA investigations and reviews, including several high-profile matters involving sensitive data. They work hand in hand with our Technology consultants to validate results with analytics and reporting.

Strategic Project Management

LightSpeed’s strategic project management team provides clients with knowledge and expertise to identify and prioritize the most relevant documents in addition to providing a deeper contextual understanding of data populations. They are the main point of contact and technical advisers to help you optimize, on-board, and complete your engagement.

Customer Testimonials

What do our customers say about us?

"Speaking of great jobs, I kept meaning to send you an email concerning my Friday late afternoon job in the Insurance matter. Your project manager really shined. In spite of the ever-changing parameters of my attorneys' requests, He kept on top of it all, troubleshooting every step of the way, and with his usual patience and good cheer. He also kept me fully informed (including on Saturday) of the successful deliveries of the job to my two partners. I have the utmost confidence on LightSpeed to handle any project I throw your way."
AMLAW100 Law Firm​
"As a personal matter, I owe you one. Your professionalism and ability to come through when it matters never ceases to amaze me. You guys are the best & hands down one of my favorite teams to work with."​
AMLAW100 Law Firm​

The Greatest Strength is our Team

We deliver the highest possible value to our clients and are committed to our team’s success. LightSpeed experts possess decades of eDiscovery experience in handling massive litigation, second requests, and cross-border matters and investigations.

Latest News and Journal

Discovery Articles

We pride ourselves on being the best in our industry. Read the latest discovery articles and company announcements in our blog.

AI in eDiscovery: Where are We Now?

LightSpeed LLC, a leading eDiscovery and data forensics firm, is pleased to announce a new partnership with ayfie, Inc., a text analytics platform provider.

LightSpeed Partners with ayfie

LightSpeed LLC, a leading eDiscovery and data forensics firm, is pleased to announce a new partnership with ayfie, Inc., a text analytics platform provider.

You Could Save 97% by Switching to Technology Assisted Review

With the tremendous growth of eDiscovery over the past few years, law firms now have access to vast amounts of data. However, most are still learning how to best analyze all of that data in a manner that improves review rates and reduces costs.